The Killer Bunny King is the First Charcter on the show,

Hes the King of the Killer Bunnys, He also kidnapped Seamus on the trailer, Also, Heres the Picture of Him

Screenshot 4

Thats The Bunny King, First Charcters, Only Seen in TKBKS and, The Killer Bunnys Take Over SeamusCraft, Hes has an Sword, He can Only die in Season 2 Episode 7 on TKBKS

Unused Content:

His Voice was Mike, Can only been seen on the Pliot, Trailer.

Thats the End of Unused Content.


Episode 1 Killer Bunny King


Killer Bunny King's Castle


Killer Bunny Minion

Killer Rabbit, Only Seen on episode 1 of Killer Bunnys Take over Seamus Craft.