Seamus object!

Hes the Camera Man of the Show, He was appost to be in the show, but he was only gonna be on Season 1 Episode 6 and Season 2 Episode 7,

He also is the Best Redstoner on Minecraft, Same as Sethbling, NPCs, And more,

Unused Content:

He was gonna be Enzo's Helper, The Idea was Canceled.

He was in the Trailer, Got Kidnapped by the Killer Bunny King, Only Seen in the Tralier.

Thats the end of the Unused Content.

Seamus the camera man

Camera Man:

He was the Camera Man, of the Show, He was the owner of TKBKS, Also, He has added new charcters to the show, Heres the Example: Dash, Enzo, Spherical(Logo Editors and Editing the Show), Megan Woodmansee(Logo Editors and Editing the Show).